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Todd Beeson is an LA-based Minneapolis-bred musician.   Todd is currently recording music under the name under the name of Marvelty.  He is writing the theme song and music for the upcoming full-length feature, Captain Tsunami’s Army. 

In the 90’s, Todd toured as a bassist in Minneapolis bands, Wood, Matt Wilson (Leader of Trip Shakespeare/brother of Dan from Semisonic), Dylan Hicks, and Marlee MacLeod before moving to LA in 1999 at the recommendation of film composer, Michael Wandmacher, and producer, John Fields.

He has played bass with many bands in LA and has had songs placed on ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, Fox, E! and the CW television shows, a few commercials and a number of films primarily with the LA alt-rock band, The Lift.

Todd joined the band, Docter, immediately after he moved to LA in July 1999.  He teamed up with Matt and Jason Docter- formerly of Champaign, IL’s band The Suede Chain- with whom Wood shared the same booking agent, Mike Buenting, owner of Bull Productions and a rep of Columbia Records.  Docter experienced a few major label flirtations eventually signing a developmental deal with Virgin Records A&R rep, Todd Sullivan, (he signed Weezer) in 2000.  The deal did not move forward and the industry model changed, so they re-named the band and  recorded an album on their own- even getting a little help along the way from legendary Journey singer, Steve Perry, on their first album “Road to Hana” in 2002. Shortly after the release of “Road to Hana,” Gibson Guitars listed The Lift as one of LA’s top 3 unsigned bands in 2004 as the band played a showcase for Gibson at The Whisky-A-Go-Go.  The Lift played all over LA and toured familiar markets from its midwestern roots- St. Louis, Chicago,  and Minneapolis, to name a few, before recording and then releasing its final album, “It Is What It Is” in 2007.  While The Lift has never officially broken up, they have not played a show since Fall 2007.

The stoppage of The Lift led to Todd embarking on recording his solo-debut called “Spokes” in the Spring of 2008.  He employed some of the top players in LA to make the album.  Michael Jerome (Better Than Ezra, Richard Thompson) on drums, Stevie Blacke (Weezer, Beck, Pink, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, etc) on strings, Linda Good (Jane’s Addiction/Mars Volta) on piano and Ben Peeler (Wallflowers, Shakira) on pedal/lap steel are among the contributors that help him round out his Americana/Indie/Pop sound.  Todd added his own bass, guitars, piano, drum programming, and string arrangements in a quest of creating a big beautiful sound to support his large emotive voice.

Todd is a highly sought after teacher of guitar/bass/and songwriting for youngsters in the LA area and enjoys sharing the gift of music wherever he goes.  Todd has been the Music Director at Children’s Playhouse Theater (formerly Children’s Creative Center) since its inception in 2002.  Todd guides students to perform, write and record music thru private individualized instruction.  He also has arranged performances for his students at Genghis Cohen, a lovely intimate music venue on Fairfax/Melrose in LA.

Todd has appeared on television in the NBC mini-series “The 70’s,” and a couple other shows and is seen late at night being interviewed in the “Ultimate Rock Ballads” Time/Life Infomercial.

Todd can best be contacted at:  toddbeeson@me.comor click this link and connect to his FB Music page:


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